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Warm Fermented Amber Lager

Mike has been going nuts with brewing up lagers at room temperatures. When you get a yeast strain that has been proven successful at producing quality beers through non-traditional processes, you keep at it. Let’s learn more about this warm fermented amber lager!

Brewed Warm – Tastes Good

This is the second time Mike has brewed a lager with the Fermentis SafLager W-34/70 yeast strain. The first time was a light colored lager that was great. This amber lager had more malty goodness in its flavor profile but the end result had the qualities of a lager – low fruity esters and a crisp finish.

I have a packet of this yeast too but I am going to brew my lager the old fashioned way. My temperatures will be at 50° F (10° C) and I will store the beer in my fridge at the coldest setting for 6 weeks at least.

We will see how that beer comes out in a future video. BREW ON!


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  1. Chris

    Hey guys, greetings from Munich. Those mugs are great for a dunkel (even better if they’re in 1 liter size, Prost!). From one of the latest videos with John’s lager, Mike mentioned that you guys were thinking of trying another yeast. Besides 34/70 are there any other dry lager yeasts that you have tried that you were happier with?

  2. John

    I have used SafLager S-23 Fermentis Dry Lager Yeast and was happy with the results.
    Thanks Chris!

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