These Brew Dudes love equipment for homebrewing. The wonderful people at TMCRAFT sent us their mini keg growler in silver. We happily gave it a try so we could tell you about it. It’s small but mighty beer dispensing system that can help make your beer portable. Let’s learn more, shall we?

It’s a growler. It’s a keg. It’s a beer draft system!

The Unboxing

Opening the box, it’s apparent great care is given to the way items are packaged. All the components are in different boxes and padded if they are fragile.

The biggest piece is the keg itself. It holds up to 1 US gallon and looks like a shrunken corny keg. The tap connects to a silicone dip tube that sits inside the keg. The regulator fits onto the back of the tap and takes a threaded CO2 cartridge.

Be sure to purchase this specific type of cartridge because the draft system won’t work with any other. It screws into the regulator, which pierces the top of the cartridge and hold it in place. Then, pressure is adjusted by a knob with simple Increase and Decrease instructions. Pressure inside the keg is reported by a small gauge.

The Mini Keg Growler Review

Hey, it works! Even without the right cartridge, we poured beers from the tap. I like that it has a full size tap on top. It’s easier than other systems that have also shrunk the tap head.

The mini keg also comes with a cap so you can use it as a growler. Go to your local brewery and get a fill up. After that, you can add the tap head and dispense! That is, if you don’t want to just pour it out of the top.

The size makes it easy to bring wherever you are going. It can carbonate homebrew beer (I plan to use it for my next SMaSH). Or, you can use it to dispense and bring a little effervescence to a craft cocktail.

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Cheers and Brew ON!