I put together the APA recipe based on grains I had done profiles on over the past few months.  Now it’s one thing to read about how grains taste and it’s another thing to taste them to figure out how they taste.

I opened up my bags of grain to not only give them a taste, but also to figure out how I would best finalize my recipe.

Here are my notes:

Honey Malt:  Sweet, but a light sweetness.  Earthy.

Victory Malt:  Bitter, I guess it was biscuity…but it did taste like the scones my mom made for St. Patty’s Day.  It tasted like it would reinforce the hop flavor in a beer.  To me, it had a similar taste.

Special B Malt:  Yep, I tasted raisins.  Definitely a nice sweet/roasty taste.  I went back for seconds on this one.

Everything tasted good separately…then I tasted them together.   The combination wasn’t bad either.  I know it will different in the finished beer, but it’s a good start.

The actual amounts of I use of each I will figure out on brew day…it’ll be a game day decision.  Since these three grains will be used in such small quantities none of them will not overpower the beer and my quest for balance will be achieved.