I like researching hop varieties and bringing what I learn to you.  Most sites tell you a little bit of the story.  Many sites tell you the same little bit as 15 other sites.  What I try to do here at Brew-Dudes is to compile all the pieces out there and present as comprehensive a post as possible.  Here is our profile of Styrian Goldings hops:

From what I have read, this variety is straight up Fuggles grown in what used to be known as Styria which is a region that exists in the southern Austria and northern Slovenia.

How Fuggles came to be grown there is a story of overcoming adversity.  In the 1930s, the region’s aroma hops were plagued with Verticillium Wilt which wiped out the aroma hops of German origin that they were growing there.   I am guessing they got some UK hop rhizomes sent to them in the mail.  Well, not really, but they did get UK hops to grow and they were believed to be Goldings hops.  They were wrong of course, but the name stuck.

Before they received their current name, they were known as Steirer hops (the Germans probably called them that since they called Styria “Steiermark”).

I read they are also known as Savinja Goldings today (Savinja is a river in Slovenia) but in the USA we know them as Styrian Goldings.

It just goes to prove yet again that you can grow the same variety of hops in a different land and the variety will taste different because of the different environment.

Origin: Let’s say Styria but now Austria and Slovenia

Aroma/Flavor: Spicy and earthy.

Alpha Acid: Typically between 4.5-6%

Typical Usage: Leaning aroma but can be dual purpose. I have brewed English ales using this hop early in the boil as well.

Beer Styles: English ales, Belgian strong ales