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Spray Bottle of Sanitizer

I love my spray bottle of sanitizer.

I use Star-San as my sanitizer.  I never really appreciated the utility of the spray bottle until my brewing frequency picked up.  I took an old house cleaner spray bottle that we were throwing out.  Rinsed it several times with hot water.  Soaked and rinsed it with PBW.  Now when ever I make a larger batch of sanitizer in a brew session I refill the spray bottle.

I use the spray bottle for things like the outside of an airlock.  I spray down the top of a fermentor before I open it.  I spray my kettle lid before I put it on after chilling to protect the beer before I transfer.  The spray bottle works great at spritzing some foil that I put on top if my starter flasks.  I spray the start flask before I take off the foil, and before I pour stuff out of the flask.

Having a spray bottle of sanitizer handy makes beer chores between brew session easier.
I highly recommend getting one in your brew house.  I even use it as my deodorant now in the morning.



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  1. I think you may have gone off the deep end.

  2. I agree, except for the deodorant part. I also use mine to spray down the keg posts before I connect the gas or beer lines. It keeps anything growing on the outside of the post from contaminating your beer, plus since it’s soapy (well foamy), it lubricates the post helping the quick-disconnect slip on more easily.

  3. I only use a spray bottle to keep a boil over from happening. Next time I empty out a spray bottle I’ll have to try it and see if it makes the job any easier.

  4. I use the spray bottle and star san for all sanitizing now. I used to use one step for the fermenters, but then I just started to use the star san, and it is awsome. I have a 16 oz bottle of the concentrated star san, and have only made 3 5 gallon buckets of it, this stuff lasts you a while.

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