This is a video that just sort of happened spontaneously. We had finished tasting a few beers, and started to dig into my beer fridge for some odd ball stuff that I just had in there for who knows how long. We found this bottle of “Ancient Spiced Mead”. This bottle of mead came to me a couple years ago through a homebrew swap with some online friends.

I exchanged some homebrew with some guys at The best I can remember this mead came from either Hogarthe or RuralBrew over at that site. If I can get in touch with them, I’ll re-edit this post.

John and I were feeling pretty good. I was blowing off steam from a couple rough days prior. We just had a good time tasting this mead. Enjoy it for what its worth.

I’d strongly recommend being a part of an online community somewhere. If you’ve never shared beer before through and online swap it can be a great way to get some feedback and to give some feedback. I still have a handful of good local guys I met on As much as you think you might learn more about your beers from entering them into a competition, the swapping on homebrews is better since more information is disclosed between someone you are sharing your brew with rather than trying to understand what a judge wrote on your score sheet. Many times a scoresheet leaves much to be desire. Chatting it up with other homebrewers gives you a chance to learn from someone else. Outside of brewing more often, learning from other homebrewers is the best way to brew better beer.

To either one of those dudes that I got this from, it was a great mead and it certainly had held up very well for the time it spent aging in my beer fridge.