Continuing our examination of malts and hops, here’s our profile of Special B malt. It is a Belgian malt that is roasted to 150°L color. Here are some of the particulars that we pulled together from different sources:

Flavor: Imparts a heavy caramel taste.

  • Raisin-like flavors in Belgian Abbey Ales
  • Plum-like flavors in Dubbels
  • Roasty/Toast flavor
  • Hint of nut flavor

Color: Produces a dark black-brown color.

Body: Fuller body is noted due to the non-fermentables.

Use: Suggested use is 2 to 10% of the grain bill. Makes sense to use in in Belgian ales such as a dubbel since it is a Belgian malt, but looks like it can be used in moderation in Brown Ales, Porters, and Doppelbocks as “character builders” in those beers.
Special B Malt