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Second Year Hop Bines

This is a post for those homebrewers who want to grow hops in their yards and want to know what to expect the second year of growing.

I know that I have read from other hop growers that the first year isn’t that impressive when it comes to actual above ground growth.

I can tell you that the second year is much different and the bines come up strong.  When the hops growing season gets started, a whole bunch of shoots come out of the ground.

A month later, ther bines at 10 feet tall.  I am (literally) running out of rope for these things.

My brother sent me a photo of his hop plant.  Last year, he didn’t get much growth and no cones.  I think this year will be a little different.

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  1. Neil

    I have just started my first foray into hop growing this year, got a Bramling Cross that is about 2 foot high at the moment.

  2. Craig

    My first year hops seem to be growing differently. Mt Hood and Sterling are at about 5-6′ while my Cascade are about 3′. Granted this is only after a couple months under ground.

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