We been posting many recaps from our Oktoberfest Duel.  I think now it’s time to look forward to our future.  Here is a recipe for a Schwarbier or Black Beer.

We call this one “Black Betty” (Bam ba lam).


8.0 lbs. Pilsner Malt 
2.0 lbs. Munich Malt 
.75 lbs. Carafa Special® Type II 
.5 lbs. Crystal 60
.5 lbs. Chocolate Malt

1.5 oz. Tettnanger Pellets boiled 60 mins. 
.5 oz. Tettnanger Pellets boiled 15 mins. 
.5 oz. Tettnanger Pellets boiled 1 mins. 

Yeast: White Labs WLP830 German Lager

Predicted Results:

Original Gravity: 1.049
Final Gravity: 1.013
Color: 25.59 °SRM
Bitterness: 34.1 IBU
Alcohol (%volume): 4.8%


Mash at 154°F for 60 minutes. Ferement at 50°F for at least two weeks. Lager for 6 weeks. Carbonate to 2.5 volumes.