I have done a number of Czech hop profiles over the past few months. These hop varieties have one thing in common, they were bred from Saaz hops.

Along with Agnus and Kazbek hops, Rubin hops are another new variety from the Czech Republic for you to try out in your next homebrew.

Rubin has stronger bittering characteristics than its Saaz parent. It is not as refined as Saaz but it does last longer.

Registered in 2007, these hops are branded as a dual purpose hop to be used throughout the boil. This hop variety could give you bigger spiciness than you would get from using Saaz. It has the same range of alpha acids as Agnus hops have but it isn’t grown as much as that hop from the stats I was able to find on what hops are grown in what region of the Czech Republic. That fact is worth noting especially if you are looking to find Rubin hops in your local homebrew shop. If they are not available, try Agnus instead.   Maybe in a few years, they will be as prominent in stores as their Saaz-bred brothers and sisters

Origin: The Czech Republic

Aroma/Flavor: Spicy, earthy.  Once source stated that it did have some aroma similarities to Strisselspalt hops.

Alpha Acid: Typical ranges started at 9% and ended at 14%

Typical Usage: Dual Purpose. Rubin would be a good one to use in a Bohemian or Czech Pilsner. If it is stronger but a little more wild than plain old Saaz, you may want to experiment with them first before using them in your next world class lager.

If you don’t want to experiment, you could bitter with these hops and use Saaz late in the boil or as a dry hop addition to get the traditional flavor and aroma in your beer.

Brew ON!