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Racking Beer

Just a quick update:  I racked the Maibock to a secondary vessel, a glass carboy.  It is now in the beer fridge chilling out at about 37°F.

It’s been in there for a day and a half and it is not as clear as I thought it would be at this stage.  I guess we shall see as time goes on.


Maibock Gravity Reading


Beer Fridge


  1. JW

    Did you taste it when you racked it? Did the diacetyl rest work?


  2. Hi JW,

    I did taste a sample as I racked it and it did not coat my mouth like the sample I took for the gravity reading did. So I am thinking thumbs up on the diacetyl rest.

  3. The diacetyl was really subtle so thats good in the first place. But the rest at warmer temps may have dried it out just slighty to help eliminate that coating thing. I would think that lagering will really clean up the flavor and mouthfeel abit as the yeast and polyphenols settle out.

  4. JW

    Very cool – I’m glad it worked for you.

    I have my first true lager in primary right now – so I’ll gearing up for the same thing in a week and a half.


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