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Priming Sugar Experiment

Oh, it’s on.  The stage is set for this Sunday.  I have purchased a pound of corn sugar for bottling the brown porter.  We are going to test the results of priming with KreamyX versus priming with corn sugar.


Priming Sugar

Here’s our methodology:


  • Split the unfinished beer in half; placing 2.5 gallons of the beer into two separate bottling buckets.
  • Prepare the proper amount of KreamyX and corn sugar for 2.5 gallons (dissolving the priming agents into two separate amounts of water, cooling them down to fermentation temperatures).
  • Bottle as normal, but using the two bottling buckets.
  • Condition for the same amount of time (2 weeks).
  • Pour out 2 beers; one that had corn sugar as a priming agent, one that had KreamyX as a priming agent.
  • Compare results.

UPDATE!  Here are the results!


Palisade Hops


Corn Sugar Versus KreamyX

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  1. I think this KreamyX stuff is the same thing as the Muntons Carb tabs. Just in a powder form measured for a 5 gallon batch. Its DME, dextrose and a heading agent.

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