The PicoBrew company sent these Brew Dudes a Pico Pro brewing machine to evaluate so we took some time to unbox the equipment and review all the different pieces in this video.

This post will be one of three since there is a lot to absorb here. We thought it would be good to start off with all the equipment that goes along with the Pico Pro system since it is quite a difference from what we are used to with our “system” that we built ourselves over time.

Of course, brewing with the machine and tasting the final product will be important to cover, don’t you think?

We will definitely cover both of those items. Your patience will be rewarded.

Pico Pro Equipment

The first piece that is worth commenting about it the main unit itself. It’s squared shaped and cleanly designed. The top opens up so you can pour water into it like a coffee pot. The front slides out so that you can place the PicoPak into it. Then, you slide the whole thing back into the unit to start the brewing process.

We’ll see how easy the brewing process is. I think once the pak is in the unit, the brew process is one push of a button – more on that later.

The other cool pieces are the kegs that came with the Pro system. There are two; one for fermentation and one for serving. The fermentation keg comes with a top that allows for an airlock to be inserted into it. The other one has a typical corny keg seal and a picnic tap, which will be cool to see in action.

There is also smaller pieces that allow you to cook meat via a sous vide technique in the main unit. I’m not sure if we will get to that in this initial review, but it worth mentioning.

We appreciate you taking the time to follow us on this PicoBrew review. We are curious how it will work and what the outcomes will be. With all things homebrewing, it always ends up with beer so it will be good no matter what.

Brew on!

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