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Perle Hops

A few years ago, Mike made an Alt using Perle hops.  I have finally got around to conducting some research on this variety.  Here’s some info I compiled to write up this well rounded profile about Perle Hops.

They were bred using the Northern Brewer variety as one of their parents.   This breeding was done at the Hop Research Center at Hüll in Germany, which sounds like a pretty cool place to be.  They also bred Magnum hops.

1978 was the year it was reportedly bred and they were made available here in the States in the 80s.

Although you can get German-grown Perle hops, a good quantity is grown in Washington and Oregon, USA.

Origin: Germany

Aroma/Flavor: Green, Combo of the Northern Brewer minty flavor and the spicy nobleness of other German hops

Alpha Acid: 5.5% to 7.5%

Typical Usage: All sources pointed to that dual purpose moniker.  I would lean towards flavoring.  Seems to play well with others.

Beer Styles: Seems to be a large variety of beers.  I would use them in German styles.  I think my Dopplebock recipe calls for them.  Some sources said to not use them in Pilsners.

Meh.  Do what you want.


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  1. Cool, I didn’t know that Perle were a derivative of N. Brewer.

  2. Mark

    I’m about to attempt to use Perle with Warrior for a dry hop in a Pale Ale

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