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iGulu Pale Ale Tasting and Review

In this post, we put the iGulu F1 countertop brewing system to the test. He brews the pale ale that was sent to us along with the unit. He follows his instinct on how to brew this beer as he had a hard time finding the instruction manual. It’s fine – he rises to the challenge and pours a couple of pints for us to taste. Check it out!

The Kit Selection

Of the beer kits that came with the system, Mike choose the pale ale because it is a standard style for tasting and evaluating craft beers. He provides a step by step demonstration of what comes in the kit and how it all comes together in the system. He shows off:

  • 1 pound of Dry Pale Ale extract
  • Natural hops bitter extract
  • Two packets of Mosaic aromatic extract
  • One packet of dry brewing yeast
  • Three packets of priming sugar (they may not be necessary if using CO2 system)
  • RFID sticker for activating the brewing session

After the set up of the iGulu Pale Ale in the system, we waited and then continued the video when the beer was ready.

Our Thoughts

The system is impressive as we decided after the unboxing.
The real question – Does it brew good beer? Here are our tasting notes of the iGulu Pale Ale.

Appearance: Thick head reminiscent of an ice cream float. Golden color with a cloudy haze.
Aroma: Notes of Mosaic hops with hints of pine and earthiness, accompanied by slight sulfur and diacetyl aromas.
Flavor: Fruity and hoppy with minimal bitterness, possibly due to the use of aromatic extracts. Presence of malt sweetness, possibly indicating incomplete fermentation.
Mouthfeel: Medium-heavy, possibly from residual malt extract.
Overall Impression: Despite potential fermentation issues and unclear instructions, the beer exhibits desirable hop flavors with room for improvement in fermentation and clarity.

With more practice, we may get a better outcome with another kit. For this one, we’ll chalk it up to a first try.

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Brew On!

Low ABV American Stout

Mike continues his pursuit of brewing beers with big flavor and low alcohol. This time, he’s emptying his grain bins to come up with this recipe for you. This low ABV American Stout is rich with roast-y notes and strong hop bitterness. Watch this video to learn more.

Empty The Grain Bill Stout Recipe

Mike brews for his system. This is a recipe for a 3.5 gallon batch.

30% Golden Promise Malt
25% Pale Malt
17% Flaked Barley
3% Roasted Barley
10% Crisp Black Malt
4% Crisp Chocolate Malt
6% Crystal Malt 50° L
6% Crystal Malt 80° L

1 ounce of East Kent Goldings added with 60 minutes to go in the boil
1 ounce of Willamette added with 10 minutes to go in the boil

1 packet of LalBrew Nottingham Ale Yeast

Original Gravity: 1.040
Final Gravity: 1.015
ABV: around 4.5%.

The Lowdown on the Low ABV American Stout

The stout pours with a deep, opaque darkness. It boasts a creamy beige head that complements the color.

We found notes of milk chocolate and s’mores on the nose. There’s a subtle hint of roasted malt, promising a robust flavor experience.

With a medium body, the beer offers a satisfying mouthfeel that is neither too heavy nor too light. It carries a smooth texture making quite drinkable and yet providing substance to the palate.

The dominant flavor profile is one of roastiness, with the roasted barley taking center stage. It is complemented by a mild caramel sweetness, adding depth and complexity to the brew. Balanced hop bitterness provides a pleasant contrast to the rich malt character.

Overall Impression:
With the low ABV, the stout presents itself as an easy-drinking yet flavorful brew. Mike cleaned out his grain bins and hit upon something magical.


Pinter Brewing System Unboxing

In this post, we unveil the secrets of the Pinter Brewing System.

Well, we unbox it and take a look at all the parts.

Join us as we unwrap the layers of this innovative countertop beer brewing machine and delve into its features. Click the play button to see how it went.

Unveiling The Contents

After opening the box, we found the different sections of the system. The biggest piece appears to be the main cylindrical vessel where fermentation and serving would happen. There is a stand that allows for trub to drop out of the vessel. Finally, there is a tap handle that looks like a big exclamation point. PINTER!

The boxing is well branded througout. It looks to have some QR codes that guide you to download an app with more instructions.

Lastly, the box came with two beer ingredient kits:

  1. Spacehopper (Double IPA)
  2. Dark Matter (Classic Stout)

Exploring Design and Features

The Pinter Brewing System is well designed. The molding is made of strong plastic. Everything fits well together – all the parts that tighten via threads all line up. The only piece that is a bit difficult to take on and off is the tap handle. With some practice, it might get easier.

Excited To Get Brewing With Pinter

While it may not be our first encounter with a countertop brewing system (this year, even), the Pinter’s blend of carefully crafted design and user-friendliness is intriguing. Again, these beers will be extract brews. We get a kick out of testing these systems out and tasting the beer.

After downloading the app, the instructions are easy to follow with text and visuals to help you along the way.

Stay tuned for a tasting video and post – BREW ON!

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Dark Mild Beer Tasting – Brewed With Fuggles

Mike throws down another challenge for himself. This time, he continues his exploration into low alcohol by volume beers that pack a high level of flavor. His journey leads him to brew an English Dark Mild beer. This path allows him to reinvestigate Fuggles, the English hop variety that he claims he does not like.

Does this beer change his mind about the hop variety?

What is his overall opinion of the beer?

Will he quit homebrewing altogether?

Find out in this video!

Mike and His Mild!

Well, that got dramatic.

First of, let’s dive into the recipe.

Low ABV Dark Mild Beer Recipe

Batch Size: 3.5 gallons

Golden Promise Malt – 79% of the bill
Carastan Malt (35°L) – 7% of the bill
Crisp Chocolate Malt (450°L) – 7% of the bill
Amber Malt (27°L) – 7% of the bill

Fuggles hops (4% AA) added at 60 minutes to go in the boil for 24 IBUs
0.5 0unce (14 g) of Fuggles hops (4% AA) added at 15 minutes to go in boil
0.5 0unce (14 g) of Fuggles hops (4% AA) added at flameout

Mangrove Jacks M15 Empire Ale Yeast (chosen for its low attenuation)
Hops: Fuggles

Mash Temperature: About 155-156°F to preserve body

Original Gravity: 1.044
Final Gravity: Around 1.015
ABV: Approximately 3.8%

What Did We Think?

At first glance, this beer has a dark brown, near black appearance. The aroma was filled with slight roast and toast notes. The beer’s flavor components showed off its strong roasted malt foundation along with some chocolate overtones.

This dark mild beer reminds us of other low ABV experiments. We get a sense that the absence of alcohol brings forth more of the malt flavors.

Sadly, this beer does not change Mike’s mind about Fuggles. He still thinks they are too earthy for his liking. Oh well – more for us.


iGulu F1 Smart Capsule Homebrew System Unboxing

In this post, we present the unboxing and reviewing of the iGulu F1 Smart Capsule Homebrew System. Join us as we explore the contents of this innovative, countertop beer brewing machine and share our thoughts on its features and potential for helping you brew beer at home.

What’s In The Box?

We opened the sizable box containing the iGulu system, we couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement akin to unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. The first items we encountered were the essential power cord and the intricate tap. WOW!

Diving deeper into the unboxing experience, we are happy to find three distinct beer ingredient kits to use with the machine:

  • Amber Lager
  • Bavarian Wheat
  • Pale Ale

These kits promised a good range of brewing outcomes. They signal the promise of the iGulu system. It will be interesting to see how the lager turns out.

Inspecting the system further, we liked its thoughtful design features, including an RFID card. This feature appears to be what starts the process and allows for monitoring throughout. Beyond the fermentation, we found a CO2 pressure gauge and a convenient faucet for serving. With its sleek appearance and construction, the iGulu system exuded a sense of craftsmanship. It looks impressive.

The instructions are plain and clear. From cleaning the keg to adding ingredients and initiating fermentation using the RFID card, the process felt intuitive and accessible, even for novice homebrewers.

We eagerly anticipate the brewing process and the eventual tasting of our homemade brews. The iGulu is not the first countertop brewing system we have reviewed. we wonder if the iGulu system is poised to revolutionize the home brewing experience for enthusiasts everywhere.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for one of these machines, use this link:

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Cheers and BREW ON!

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