I checked the gravity of the Oktoberfest last Saturday and got a reading of 1.018.  I am targeting 1.015 so I am pretty close but not there just yet.

One of the most popular posts on our site discusses how long primary fermentation should be. With ales, two weeks is the guideline that we like to use.

With lagers, fermentation is much mellower.  I took that reading on Saturday and felt good that I was close, but I also felt like I was in no rush to get it to the target specific gravity.

Lagers need their time.  They need their temperatures to be low and their fermentations to be slow.

If you have it in your head that this beer is not going to be ready for months, then it makes for a relaxing fermentation schedule.

You know, I might not move it to a secondary vessel until mid-next week.  So there.