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Northern German Altbier Recipe

With the Magnum hops growing out back, I am looking forward to brewing a nice harvest ale and I think this German Alt recipe will do the trick. This is a Northern German Altbier recipe. This beer style shows a lot of hop restraint and focuses on the malt profile. I went with a split Pilsner/Munich malt base with some German specialty malts.

I think it will be interesting to have this beer alongside the Oktoberfest.


5 lbs Pilsner Malt
5 lbs Munich Malt
0.75 lbs CaraMunich 60° L
3 ounces Carafa Special Type II
3 ounces Melanoidin Malt
0.5 oz Magnum Pellets 14.5 %AA boiled for 60 mins
Yeast: WYeast 1007 German Ale


Original Gravity: 1.050
Terminal Gravity: 1.012
Color: 14.86 °SRM
Bitterness: 32.5 IBUs
Alcohol % by volume: 4.9%


This is an all grain recipe. You can convert it to an extract with grains recipe if you want. I start off with a 6.5 gallon boil volume with the goal of ending with a 5.5 gallon volume and putting 5 gallons into the fermenter. Mash at 152° F for one hour. You can boil for 90 or 60 minutes based on your experience with DMS in your beer. Ferment for two weeks at 60° F. Bottle or keg as usual. Carbonate to 2.5 volumes.


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  1. Kellermeister

    Are you happy with how this beer turned out? This is somewhat similar to recipes that I use to brew alt, and it looks you have the right ingredients for a Dusseldorf altbier.


  2. Gotta work on my fermentation temperatures. This is going to a winter brew for me.

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