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NERHBC Submissions

I am submitting three of the four beers that I have on hand to the New England Regional Homebrew Competition.  It is being held on October 23rd this year but submissions are due by October 8th by 5PM at the drop off locations.

Although I am looking for feedback, I am also hoping I can show some improvement in terms of score.  It would be nice to see some scores in the high 30s this time around.

I think this competition and the Boston homebrew competition will be the ones I will focus on each year.  It’ll give me some motivation to make not just good beer, but great beer.


Partigyle Stout Session


Brewing Water Chemistry


  1. snowflake

    Glad I ran across this reminder. I think I’ll also drop off one style and see what happens. I’ve never entered a competition and think the beer I’ll submit might be good

  2. Matt

    Sounds cool, what styles are you submitting?

  3. Hey snowflake – Good luck!

    Matt, we are entering a Saison, Maibock, Irish Red, American Wheat, and something else that Mike is submitting that I can’t recall at this moment.

  4. snowflake

    I turned it in yesterday – style is Belgian Dark Strong. As my wife says: “hopefully you’ll get postive feedback if nothing else”; if it’s bad feedback I’ll just have to drown myself in it to get rid of it. I guess that’s not too bad of an ending. I wonder how many brewers will be it that category.

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