We have of string going of SMaSH beers brewed with hops of the Neomexicanus sub-species and the outcomes have not been great. There were a few clunkers in there. This time around, I felt we were going to have a good session. It’s probably because I tasted the beer before I went to Mike’s house. Please witness our take Neo1 hops in the SMaSH beer tasting video.

Did these Brew Dudes like the Neo1 Hops SMaSH beer?

Neo1 Hops SMaSH Brewing Notes

First off, we got these hops from a viewer: Jason from Georgia. He said he had a whole bunch and wondered if we wanted any. I told him we were grateful and we’d use it for a SMaSH beer. I usually source my hops from an online retailer, but this time was different. Thank you, Jason!

Here are the details from the brew:

  • I brewed this 1 gallon batch with 2 pounds of American pale malt, 2 gallons of water, 1 ounce of hops, and a few shakes from a US-05 yeast packet (about 3 grams).
  • My mash is held at 150°F for an hour and the boil is for a hour
  • Hops are added at 15 minutes to go in the boil, at flameout, and at day 3 of fermentation
  • Fermentation happens for 10 days at 68°F.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss what this hop variety is all about.

Neo1 Hops SMaSH Tasting Notes

Since I brew these beers, I have the opportunity to taste them before the camera rolls. I liked my first taste so I felt we would like this one.

The hop aroma seemed floral with some hints of spice and fruits in it. With the flavor, the prominent notes were of sweet fruits, some berry. As it warmed, we detected a hint of lemon rind.

The intensity was moderate to high for aroma and flavor. The bitterness was restrained yet noticeable, with a clean quality. If you were to use this hop earlier in the boil, the bitterness in the beer would be pleasant and would not harshly linger on your palette.

So this one was not a clunker – I think we liked this one as much as we liked Medusa hops. Check them out!