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National Homebrewing Day

I’m a little late but I spent National Homebrewing Day (2010) doing some homebrewing things.

1.  I bottled the Pom/Cin Red Ale.  I didn’t taste test all that much.  I poured in the whole cinnamon extract along with the rest of the pomegranate juice infused Irish Red Ale along with a priming solution made with a 1/4 of a cup of corn sugar.  With only a gallon to work with, I measured the priming solution down to a quantity that I thought was more fitting for drinking than bottle bombs.  I have seven 12 ounce bottles and 2 bomber sized bottles (22 ounces).   I think I will taste one of the bombers before sending it off to the contest.

2. I planted my hop rhizomes as well.   After finding a place with a lot of sun and a path for the little buggers to climb, I made a little mound to plant the rhizome (I kept the Magnum rhizome for myself and gave the Mt. Hood to my brother. The hop climbing race is on!).

Time will tell with both of these endeavors.


Pomegranate Cinnamon Red Ale


Mike’s First Session of 2010


  1. JW


    Let us know when the hops start breaking through the surface for the first time. I’m on two weeks since I put mine in the ground and still nothing has come up. While I am not nervous yet, I would be curious if your hops take equal or shorter time to emerge.

    Best Regards,


  2. Will do JW. I will report along the way with photos. I am hoping I can get it going on an annual basis.

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