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Motueka Hops SMASH

John keeps on finding time and new hops to run throug his one gallon SMASH beer brewing process.  This week we dig into Motueka hops from New Zealand.

To review the basic recipe and process:
1 gallon batch
2-pounds American two row
0.25oz of hops are added at 60min,15min, Flame out and then at dry hop.

That’s one ounce total in one gallon. Primary fermentation lasts about a week.

When I tasted this beer the first thing I got in aroma and flavor was a vegetal quality to it. Not strongly and not in a bad way. I got subtle pine and citrus. Now really fruity esters however.   The flavor followed suit. Maybe I picked up some green melon and more citrus pith. When pushed I said tangerine, but I was wrong.

The commercial descriptors for this highlight tropical notes, noble hop character and a lemon lime citrus quality.  It’s always seems more obvious after you hear it to actually taste it that way. Maybe that’s the power of marketing. But I do think I was on the general right rack with the earthy quality as noble hops and the citrus and melon for tropical.

This is listed as a dual purpose hop and I can see that. The bittering quality was certainly resiny and dank like. It would be well supported with other hops used in that manner. Maybe a Columbus and Motueka blend would be great early finishing with some of this and something fruitier in the dry hop.

Have you tried Motueka?  
Let us know in the comments!  Cheers!


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