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Midnight Wheat Malt

In the September 2011 issue of BYO magazine, there was an article profiling new malts available to homebrewers.

The first one that I decided to research more was Midnight Wheat Malt.

Originally part of Briess Maltster’s Reserve Series, this malt is now available all year round.  It’s made from Wisconsin wheat kilned at high temperatures like black malt.  Briess describes it as black wheat malt and can be used like debittered black malt.

I am guessing roasting wheat malt to carbonization must result in an even less bitter malt than debittered black barley malt.  Here are some more details:

Flavor:  No bitterness – Smooth milk chocolate – Some roast in the background  – some coffee

Color: 550°L – Bring in the darkness.

Body: N/A

Use: In beers where you want the dark, black color but no bitterness like a Schwarzbier or a Black IPA.  I think you can start making black versions of a lot of beers using Midnight Wheat Malt.  Black Hefe, anyone?


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  1. Herb Meowing

    I use a pinch of roasted barley (550L) for a red color boost in my annual raspberry wheat. Wonder if this stuff might be more better seeing how it’s wheat.

    Then again…both grains are charred crispy-critters.

  2. Jim

    This sounds great! Wish I could have a taste!

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