Maine Brewers Fest

I write this post about the Maine Brewers’ Fest knowing full well that it’s a bit off topic, but I think the Brew Dudes’ love of homebrewing grew out of our annual pilgrimage to Portland, ME to attend this grand showcase of craft beer.

We have been going to this event since 1999. It is something we look forward to each Fall. A lot of our beer education comes from tasting all the different styles presented at the fest. What we have learned at the Maine Brewers’ Festival has been put into our own homebrewed beers.

Plus, it’s just a damn good time. Tickets sold out very quickly this year…so quickly a large group of usĀ almost missed the boat. So if you were lucky enough to get tickets, we’ll see you there.

If not, we will recap it here for you on Brew Dudes.