I looked back through the archives and found my brew year’s resolutions for 2010:

The start of a new year can give one time to pause and set some plans for the next 12 months.

For 2010, my goals are as follows:

Brew 3 styles that I have never brewed before. That goal should be pretty easy to meet.
Brew my APA again to test if I can brew with consistency.
Smooth out all the issues in my all grain system – looking for not stuck sparges in 2010.

I met my first goal and then some. I brewed a Maibock, Irish Red, and Saison to name a few. These were all styles that I hadn’t brewed before.

I didn’t get to the APA last year. I brewed the blonde ale with homegrown hops instead. I can add that one to the 2011 list.

I did smooth out all the stuck sparge issues. I can thank my false bottom for that.

I’ll put together my 2011 list soon.