As the days grow longer and the chill of winter fades, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing, hoppy wheat ale to welcome the arrival of spring. Today, Mike and I are thrilled to share a unique brew that embodies this seasonal transition perfectly. Introducing the Amber Hazy Hoppy Kveik Wheat Beer – an ale that promises a tremendous blend of flavors and aromas, perfect for springtime sipping.

The Brewing Process and Recipe

Mike took the lead on this brew, aiming for a hoppy wheat beer that would bridge the gap between the heavier winter ales and the lighter summer beers. Here’s the recipe:

Spring water
4 g of Gypsum to enhance hop character

50% American two-row malt
50% white wheat malt
1 ounce midnight wheat (for color)

1 ounce Citra LUPOMAX (mash hop)
1 ounce Sabro LUPOMAX(mash hop)
2 ounces Citra LUPOMAX(whirlpool at 180°F for 20 minutes)
2 ounces Sabro LUPOMAX (whirlpool at 180°F for 20 minutes)

1 packet of Voss Kveik yeast

Mashed grains at 150°F (66°C) for 40 minutes then at 158°F (70°C) for 15 minutes and then 168°F (76°C) for 10 minutes.
Boiled for 60 minutes
Fermentation at room temperature, ~65°F (18°C)

Our Thoughts About This Kveik Wheat Beer

From the first sip, the hoppy Kveik wheat ale offers a burst of citrusy and piney flavors, thanks to the combination of Citra and Sabro hops. The prominent notes of orange rind, coupled with a subtle coconut and lime character from the Sabro, create a complex and refreshing profile. The absence of a strong bitterness, despite the generous hop additions, makes this beer exceptionally drinkable. Instead, the focus is on the hop flavors, with a slightly pithy aftertaste reminiscent of orange peel.

The Voss Kveik yeast contributes a faint fruity ester, which complements the hops without overpowering the palate. While Mike has a known aversion to Sabro hops, he admits that in this context, they add an interesting dimension to the beer. The malt backbone, highlighted by the addition of midnight wheat, provides a pleasant balance and supports the hop-forward nature of the ale.

In conclusion, this hoppy Kveik wheat ale is a fantastic choice for those looking to enjoy a flavorful and refreshing beer as the weather warms up. The use of LUPOMAX, mash hopping and the unique characteristics of Voss Kveik yeast make this brew stand out. Whether you’re a fan of traditional wheat beers or looking for something with a bit more hop character, this ale is sure to please. So, gather your brewing supplies and give this recipe a try. Cheers to new brewing adventures and the arrival of spring!