We were contacted by the guys at Ice Caps to take a look at their Polar Pouch product. These pouches are carry your beer bottles and keep them colder than other carrier due to their use of neoprene. Take a look as we examine them and provide this Polar Pouch product review.

Product Features

The Polar Pouch can carry up to six beers or at least it has pouches for six beers, may they be in tall bottle, small bottle, or can form. If you utilize the center pouch, you can max out the carrier and make it hold a maximum of nine bottles or 15 twelve ounce cans.

The pockets are deep so that this carrier is ideal for the homebrewer that bottles beer in 22 ounce bombers. I believe this is an important feature.

I have been gifted over the years very nice beer carriers that can only handle 12 ounce bottles and it’s a bummer because that is not the size I use. Because I don’t have bottles that fit, the carrier stays on the shelf. The Polar Pouch meets my need for depth!

The center pouch can hold ice packs so that you have the ability to keep beer colder longer. I found that the neoprene kept the condensation from the ice packs from making a mess on surfaces where I set the carrier down.

The Polar Pouches come in the colors of black or red. I choose black because it matches the color of my heart.

Final Thoughts

This carrier is well built and I hope to use it a lot this summer. The big reason we agreed to review the pouch is because the guys who are making them are guys just like us. They are trying to get something going and I root for those people. The world is better when people take chances to do something they think will benefit others and themselves. That’s what these Brew Dudes are all about.

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