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Horizon Hops

As I start to type this post, a vision of a tree falling in the woods with no one there to hear it zoomed through my mind.  I conducted some research into learning more about Horizon Hops, I found that they are not widely available for sale.  I am hoping that this situation is temporary.  Horizon, I have read, is a sister hop variety to Nugget.   It was bred originally in 1970 and it was released in 1998.

Origin: Pacific Northwest, USA

Aroma/Flavor: Mild citrus quality.  Some floral.

Alpha Acid: Big range on the AA – 10 – 16.0%   I think it is typically around 12%

Typical Usage: Bittering

Beer Styles: If you can find it, it works well in American ales and lagers.  I saw some recipes for a Horizon Brown Ale.  Magnum hops seem to be the alternative to Horizon if you cannot find it.


Malted Biscuit Air Freshner


Munich Helles Recipe


  1. Chris

    I received an Horizon rhizome from Adventures In Homebrewing about a week and a half ago. I noticed today that about 4-5 shoots have broken the soil, right on time! If the plant does well this year, I’ll be more than happy to shoot off some cuttings next Spring if anyone wants them.

  2. Sean

    Dear Chris,

    I would love some cuttings of a Horizon rhizome if the offer is still available. Horizon is my favorite bittering hop, and I cannot find rhizomes for Horizon anywhere. To tell you the truth, Horizon pellets are becomming more and more difficult to find too. As I said, I would love to plant a Horizon rhizome this spring if your offer is still available. Please let me know.

    Thank you,


  3. Michael

    Has anyone ever used these for late hopping or dry hops? Just curious about the flavor and aroma and how it stands versus something like cascade or centennial.

  4. Barry

    I’m looking for Horizon rhizomes , too…hard to find this year (2013)

    Lagunitas used to use them extensively I think

  5. Tim

    I have been looking for a Horizon Rhizome for the past few years. If your offer stands, let me know!

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