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Hersbrucker Hops

Here’s the Brew Dudes’ hop profile for the Hersbrucker variety of hops. In my investigation of this variety, I learned more about the naming of hops and traditional hops in general.

Hersbrucker is a variety that fits into the category of a landrace hop. Landrace hops are ones that become genetically unique or classifiable due to the growing area in which they thrived in over many years. For instance, Hersbrucker hops sprung up from the Hersbruck region of Germany. Because of the area it was grown in, it became its own variety of hops.

Sidenote: The tradition of brewing beer with ingredients nearby and how those nearby ingredients are as unique as the towns that the beer is brewed in is, in a word…cool. I sometimes wonder if it is better to have access to hops from all over the world, or if it would be better to just have access to hops grown in my town to make a unique beer. I feel it would be cooler to brew with Malden Maldener hops than Glacier or Cluster…but that’s another post 🙂

In my research, I discovered that this hops was selected to replace the Hallertauer when that noble variety was ravaged by a nasty fungi called verticillium and did so in the 1970s and 1980s until there were more disease-resistant Hallertauer varieties (Hallertauer Gold and Hallertauer Tradition) developed. That’s why you may see Hersbrucker hops sometimes labeled as Hallertauer Hersbrucker. This hop is the traditional Hersbrucker variety grown in the Hallertau area of Germany…which is probably tastes different than when it’s grown in Herbruck. Apparently it’s grown in Spalt, Germany too.

Origin: Hersbruck, Germany

Aroma: Grassy, Hay, Pleasant and Hoppy were all used as describers. It has a mild to semi-strong potency.

Alpha Acid: Between 3 to 5.5%

Typical Usage: Aroma

Beer Styles: I am thinking Pale German lagers and Pilsners.   Any beer that would do well with a mild, pleasant hop aroma.


Fermentation Friday July 2008


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  1. Horst

    Herbsbrucker is sometimes called Hallertauer Hersbrucker because the Herbsbrucker region got included into the Hallertauer Region.

  2. Good info. Thanks!

  3. JMW

    So can I purchase a rhizome of hersbrucker online now?

  4. Hi,

    Not sure you will be able to find Herbrucker rhizomes but Mt. Hood is a variety that is similar.

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