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Hard Cider Making 2011

I bought the farm fresh cider on Thursday and I was able to put it all together on Friday.

I added the 2 pounds of sugar and the 4 gallons of apple cider together and met my target gravity of somewhere between 1.060 and 1.065.

I heated the mixture to 150°F for 20 minutes and then I put the lid on my pot and let it cool in a water bath.  I didn’t use my immersion chiller.  I didn’t want to fuss with it for the cider.

While it was cooling, I proofed the two packets of Nottingham yeast in water I boiled and let cool to 85°F.

After stirring with a sanitized spoon, it foamed up in 15 minutes.

I added my yeast nutrient and energizer, then I racked it to a glass carboy.   For 30 minutes, I aerated it with the ol’ aquarium pump and stone.

I took some snapshots to document this year’s hard cider making:

First Cider Gravity Reading - just over 1.040.

Just some cider and sugar.

The second cider gravity was right around 1.060 after 2 pounds of sugar were added.

Heating Cider to 150 degrees.

Proofing Nottingham Yeast


Hard Cider Recipe


Hard Cider Update


  1. Nice! Looking to make some myself, haven’t tried it yet.
    Hope it turns out well!

  2. michael

    Really curious to see how it turns out!

  3. Yes, I am hoping it turns out well myself. The airlock was bubbling pretty steadily for the past 3 days. There wasn’t a lot of foaming or krausen at the top of the cider level but if you looked closely you could see little CO2 bubbles piercing the surface.

    When I checked it this morning, the airlock bubbling was down to every 5 seconds or so. Tonight I am going to pull a sample for a gravity reading and a tasting. I’ll post an update on it.

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