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Goodnight Kegerator

Well things have been a bit hectic and I still haven’t brewed up any beer lately as John mentioned in a previous post.

Alas however a great tragedy in the brew-house this week…my beer fridge as finally kicked the bucket.  Its been with me for a good 6 years or so.  It was old and tired to begin with but becoming a dedicated beer fridge gave it new life.

So for now I am in mourning while I search for a new fridge.

The saddest part of this story is that I have a keg of Oatmeal Stout and Winter Warmer fully carbed and ready to drink.  I’ll have to just drink them up before the ambient temperature outside gets to high.

Next time you have a homebrew, drink one to my fridge.  It was a good friend and member of the brewery for many years.


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  1. travis

    My thoughts and prayers are with your fridge. Stay strong…

  2. I am sad to hear about the fridge. Can you take a few pictures for the site or is that too morbid?

  3. I’ll get a memoriam going of the fridge soon.

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