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Fermentation Friday June 2009


We are hosting Fermentation Friday for this month – June 2009.

If you don’t know what Fermentation Friday is, learn more on Beer Bits 2.

This month’s topic is:

How do you beat the heat of summer time brewing?

From brew house conditions to managing fermentation temperatures, what do you do differently to continue to brew quality beers?

We thought it was appropriate for the month to talk about the other side of summer.

The post will go up on Friday, June 26th.  Please leave a comment to direct us to your post or send us an email with the link.  Our email address is on our Contact Us page.

The official Fermentation Friday post is here.


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  1. Andy

    I’ve only just started and my batches are small (1-3 gallons) so I can get away with cranking up the AC in my minuscule apartment. I guess that’s ‘cheating’ though huh? 😀

  2. dan

    I bought a garden hose splitter/adapter so I can run both an immersion chiller and CFC concurrently. This allows for a much faster chilling of the wort even with the almost 60 degree water coming out of the tap. I actually brewed a Maerzen on Monday in about 95 very humid degrees and was able to get the wort down to 58 degrees in under 15 minutes.

    Either one by itself would have taken quite a bit longer.

  3. Chris

    Thanks for hosting, here is my post on Texas summertime brewing blues.


  4. Jake

    Good question,

    I now have a few approaches, I do have a freezer for lagering so I am safe that way, I try to brew belgians during the hottest summer months, and I always ferment my ales in a cold water bath, it helps regulate the temperature.

    Until I can dig a root cellar, those are my strategies!

    Thanks for hosting,

  5. Rob

    Good topic! Here’s my post. And thanks for hosting!

  6. Peter

    Here is my contribution: http://www.betterbeerblog.com/index.php/2009/06/26/fermentation-friday-beating-the-summer-heat/

    Thanks for hosting and great topic to write about.

  7. Here is my post. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Hi,

    Here is my post for this month. Thanks for hosting. http://aworldofbrews.blogspot.com/2009/06/june-fermentation-friday-summertime.html

    Matt C.

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