When doing the research on El Dorado hops, I found out that this variety actually has its own Facebook page. Yes, it’s just that special.

The variety appears to be the premier variety from CLS farms in the Moxee Valley of Washington State, USA. Officially released to the public in 2010, I have started to see it available at a few of the online homebrew shops that I frequent. From the rave reviews that I have read from homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts, this dual purpose hop variety is one to learn more about and to start considering for your next excellent beer recipe.

Check out the specifics of El Dorado hops:

Origin:  USA – but more precisely a northern part of the Yakima Valley known as the Moxee Valley

Aroma/Flavor:  There are plenty of great descriptions about the aroma and flavor. Lots of tropical fruit flavors. Some notes of pear, watermelon, and stone fruits like peaches/plum.

Alpha Acid:  Average has been in the 15% range.

Typical Usage: Dual Purpose. I think El Dorado would be a good one to use for a single hop brew to really get to know the variety.

Beer Styles: With the tropical fruit flavors being the calling card of this variety, an American IPA is the first style that comes to mind. A big, bold American style saison might also be a good fit for El Dorado hops. I think using the variety in smaller amounts throughout the boil in an American wheat beer would also be a great way to showcase it in your homebrew.

The newest varieties are pushing the boundaries of what flavors and aromas hops can deliver. I wonder if all classic styles will eventually have subcategories that will include using the bold American hops as the prominent flavor characteristic.  Then again, maybe new styles will be born of these new hop flavors.