During your homebrewing adventure, some beers will be enjoyed right away while others are aged for a better experience later. In this post, we review some of those aged beers and figure out if they are worth keeping or not. We call this session, “Drink or Dump!”

6 Aged Beers To Taste

We each brought three beers to the party to taste and decide their fate. Here is the judgement of our stashed beers.

Imperial Nut Brown Ale with Cocoa – this beer was brewing in late 2020 and we reviewed it for the first in December of 2021. Imagined as an Imperial Stout, it doesn’t have the color or the roast for the style. The mark on the cap is a simple “SB 2020”, shorthand for special beer. This beer still has potential. We’ll drink it again in December 2023.

Raspberry Cider – This cider is over 10 years old and held up nicely. The aroma has sour beer notes but it is an enjoyable dry cider with raspberry notes. It finished dry and it made our keeper list.

Lambic Style Beer – This sour beer brewed in the style of a lambic is from aa single fermentation. I blended most of the batch with other beers for a nice gueuze we tasted in 2017. Although the gueuze is great, this beer is not. We’re dumping it!

Orange Blossom Mead – This mead from 2012 has a chardonnay aroma and a sweet honey taste. Since it did not have any indication of refermentation, we are surprised how it has held up. Mike may cook with it.

Blended Sour Beer – The beer is the product of blending three sour beers together but I didn’t add a yeast strain like CBC-1 at bottling. It hasn’t carbonated and I thought it would with age. Because of lack of carbonation and weird flabor, it’s getting dumped!

Black Plum Sour Beer – Mike presents the last beer of our set, his sour beer conditioned on black plums. The aroma did not feature plums, but it was strong in the flavor. The beer appeared a little purple too.

That is our wrap-up of our drink or dump session. We are glad you came along.