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Crush It With A Barley Crusher Grain Mill

I read the reviews. I looked at the product descriptions. I decided to buy this mill.

It’s the Barley Crusher. Northern Brewer sells two models – one with the hopper that can hold 7 pounds of grain and one that can hold 15.

With a 100 dollar gift card to that particular homebrew shop, it was hard not to choose where to purchase the mill.

I am going with the model with the larger hopper. It’s the more expensive of the two but in the long run, the larger capacity will suit me since there is not plan to upgrade the mill in the future. Whatever grain mill I buy should be the one I use for the rest of my homebrewing days.

The feature that caught my eye right away was the crank that did not need an adapter to fit on to a power drill for non-manual milling. Large hopper + motorized cranking equals time and (human) energy savings.

I also like that this model is coming with a solid base that fits on top of a bucket. I don’t have a work bench or a solid table to mount a mill. This thing will have to be mobile and having the ability to place it on a bucket wherever I need to put the bucket is ideal. It would be great to figure out a way to mill the grains right into the mash tun. I guess that will be a project once I get the Barley Crusher.

The lifetime warranty and the adjustable rollers for a consistent crush are good things too, of course. It will take me some time to get the hang of it but after a few batches, the crush should look the same each time I use it.

The particular model received a nice review so I feel like I am making a sound decision.

If you have used this mill, I would like to know your experience with it.

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  1. Cam Navy

    I got one of these for Christmas after receiving some NB gift cards as well. Planning on firing it up on Saturday for the first time. Can’t wait to actually have a stock of grains on hand and be ready to brew at a moments notice. The buying in bulk will really make brewing cheaper too based on the prices at my local hb store.

    Really enjoy the blog fellas.

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