Hi there!

We are writing about the latest information regarding our community brew. If you haven’t heard, we decided that we would publish a recipe and see how many other homebrewers would want to brew it along with us. Thankfully, there was a good response and talked about the community brew update in this video:

There Is A Community of Brewers

It’s hard to forget that homebrewers are the best people in the world. We are reminded of that everyday, especially when over 25 people wrote to us to join the community brew. These homebrewers were from all over the world and across numerous US states.

It’s still fairly amazing that you can post a video on YouTube or write into a rectangular field on WordPress and get in contact with someone that you would have never had met otherwise.

I still think that Internet can be used for good and/or connect us in ways that we wouldn’t have been able to before its invention, if we use it properly.

Sticking With The Plan

The plan is for brewers to ship two bottles to two other brewers and get two back, one from each of the brewers they shipped to. Because we are brewing the same recipe, or at least very similarly to the recipe I posted with some small adjustment, the thought is to learn more about the style and gather more experience through brewing at a large scale.

I think there is more to learn when you have multiple experiments going on at once (experiments equals fermenting homebrews in this case) than just the one you have in front of you. Our hope is that we get some good shared learnings from this community brew to make us all better brewers.

Or at least you’ll get some free beer from somewhere far away, possibly.

We’ll be entering our beers in competition to get even more feedback so watch for the wrap up of our first community brew before the end of the year.