Here is a English variety for you to try out: Challenger hops.

They are bred from Northern Brewer from our friends at Wye College in England. They were developed originally as a Goldings replacement with the thought that this new variety would be more resistant to downy mildew. What they got instead was a good dual purpose hop. From what I read, their really sweet spot is to be used as a bittering hop with other English hops that are primarily used for aroma/flavoring such as East Kent Goldings.

Origin: UK. Released in 1968 but I think made available in the US in 1972.

Aroma/Flavor:  Refined spicy notes, fruity, more orange or tangerine than

Alpha Acid:  6.5 to 8.5%

Typical Usage:  Dual purpose, but use as a bitter hop along with other British aroma hops.

Beer Styles: All English Ales.