This week marks a small but not insignificant milestone for These Brew Dudes. We give a run down of what we’ve accomplished and what’s coming next.

This week we published our 250th video to YouTube!!!! Cheers to us!!!

We’ve published a video every week since January 2013! It doesn’t seem possible but that’s where we’re at today. Plenty more videos to come. This past weekend on May 7th we also celebrated our first YouTube live feed! We did a live feed while John and I brewed up our beers for the community brew session we’ve been promoting.

Even bigger than that we are celebrating our SMaSH beer article that appears in the current issue of BYO magazine!!! Yes recognition for all those Smash beers we’ve been brewing and drinking on camera. Thanks to the BYO staff for recognizing our efforts.

S what is on the horizon???
More SMaSH beers for sure.
We also want to get back into our “Three Tips” video series. That series is where we discuss three quick tips for success in brewing styles that we are comfortable with. After 10 years of blogging we have plenty more to get better at and we will pass those lessons and tips along to you.
John also has three five gallon batches of sour beers in his basement. A collection of vertical session of lambic styled sours. We plan to dive in to those and give blending a try on camera.
Several viewers over on the YouTube channel have asked if we could more specifically review out equipment and our brewing process. So that’s on its way sometime in the near future as well.

Let us know if there is some special content you want to see covered. We are always looking for new beers to brew or new techniques to try.

Thanks for being with us on the blog for 10 years and following along in our 250 videos!