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First Catalyst Fermentation System Brew Session

Hi home brewing friends,

A few weeks ago, we got a Catalyst Fermentation System that we unboxed and now we have the time set aside to try it out. To document this momentous event, Mike brought his video camera and recorded his brew session. Many people have asked us for more brewing process videos, so here’s one that showcases a new piece of brewing equipment that we’re review. Click play and watch our first brew session with the Catalyst Fermentation System!

Mike’s Wit Beer Plan

For our first beer using this fermentor, Mike put together a Belgian Witbier recipe. For this beer, his grain bill was as follows:

Grain Bill

46% Weyermann Light Wheat Malt Malt
46% Pilsner Malt
8% Flaked Oats
2% Acid Malt

Mike used some (a handful) of rice hulls in his mash to make sure there wasn’t a stuck sparge. He didn’t need to measure it

As for water chemistry, he uses distilled water and then he added 3 grams of calcium chloride and 2 grams of calcium sulfate.

This recipe is following his orange wheat recipe and he typically adds orange zest to the boil. He wasn’t able to do that (darn camera distraction) but he wants to add it later during fermentation.

Catalyst System Features

Mike gave a nice tutorial of how to clean and sanitize a new piece of equipment. He didn’t have to go crazy with his procedure but he was thorough. After he was done with his boil, he used his pump to move the chilled wort from his kettle to the Catalyst. He collected a little more than five gallons of wort.

For this first session, he left the valve to the jar closed. I think the hot tip was to leave it open but he wanted to experiment with this configuration of the Catalyst first. He is planning to put together another video where he opens the valve to collect some of the cold break.

Stay tuned for more~!



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  1. Wow, this beer recipe looks tasty! I am new to home-brewing and videos like this are a great help. My partner and I just got a new wort chiller, and it has helped tremendously in cooling down our wort before the pitch.

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