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California Common Beer Update

With the children and the wife sick, I haven’t had time to check in on the California Common beer that I have fermenting in my basement.  Reading Jamil’s yeast book, I now have an appreciation for how much temperature plays a part in a good fermentation.  I have been trying to monitor the temp closely so that I adjust things to maintain a 62°F fermentation.

For two days, I was busy doing other important things like attending to sick people and trying to keep the rest of the house in order.  The Cali Common was way down on the priority list.  I didn’t make any time to check on it since I really didn’t have any time.

Tonight was a different story.  It seemed like the fam is on the mend and I got a chance to steal away to check on the bubbling goodness below.

 California Common Update   California Common Fermentation Temperature

Good to see that I didn’t have to check on it.  It looks like it been a-ok without me.  I think I’ll rack it to a glass carboy soon for some conditioning and leave it open for some dry hopping if I feel it needs it.


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  1. Lucas Bitencourt

    Hi guys! Your blog is very cool. I Learned a lot more about Brewing. Keep up the good work!

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