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Bulk Grain Purchase

Do we have any bulk grain purchasers in our readership?
What are people paying this new year for bulk grain?

I am thinking about stocking my brewing needs for the spring.  My plan is to get a sack of American 2-row (Rahr or Breiss) and then to get a sack of English Pale (Maris Otter or Golden Promise).  I may even get a sack of Weyermann’s Pilsner malt to knock out that Tripel I have tried a couple times last year.

Last I checked I could get a 50lb sack of pilsner malt locally for $68 bucks.  Some of the online shops have way better deals on sacks but the shipping costs on a full sack generally wipes out the savings.

I do like ordering from MoreBeer.com in California. The weird thing about them is that you get free shipping when you order $60 or more.  You can’t get a 50lb sack for free shipping but you can order 50lbs in 10 increments and get free shipping. Never understood that one…..

So there you have it.   I was wondering what other people are paying across this great land for sacks of malt.  I am sure we must have a couple readers that can simply get in the car and drive over to MoreBeer, NorthernBrewer, Midwest or Austin’s for good pricing.  I am jealous of those readers.


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  1. Haven’t jumped on that all grain train yet. Been brewing with extract for 15 years. I got a 33 lb jerrycan of malt extract for $77 at a local homebrew store. You can get them from places like Northern Brewer too.

    Hey, do you have any local brewers that would sell you some? I’ve heard of them sharing yeast, but, I wonder if they would sell you malt?

  2. Ted

    I’m a member of the AHA. My LHBS participates in a savings program for members. I get 10% off brew supply purchases. Not sure about 2009, but last year I’ve gone through three 50lb sacks of Organic 2-Row Pale malt, and they cost about $55.

  3. DT

    Mike, the Worts do a couple of bulk grain buys throughout the year and they pick up the shipping, but it’s only for members of the club. You can check out the prices we paid last time here:


  4. My LHBS sells their 50lb bags of 2-row at cost, which means 43$ for me out here in Oregon.

  5. Michael

    There are some places where you can buy bags for between $35-45, plus shipping. At least one place (North Country Malt) will drop a pallet to you (commercial address) if you order 200 lbs or more for a flat $90. So- if you can go in with some friends and order, say, 10 bags- you’re looking at an average of $44-54 per bag. You can order up to 42 bags per pallet- so you can see that your per bag shipping can drastically drop.

    However, I do prefer to keep my $$ local, so I generally purchase from our LHBS for around $50 per bag. Well worth it for the cost factor, as well as convenience- as long as you have a few specialty grains and hops at the house- you can brew something up on a whim.



  6. jack tyrrell

    hi there i live in the republic of ireland
    where can i get cheap grain for brewing
    i have just started allgrain and it turned out very nice
    made a lovely stout

  7. Hi Jack,

    I would try a search engine of your choice to find options for buying grains for brewing. Check out a bunch of them and compare prices.

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