Another week and another product review coming at you! This week’s video comes to you from Brewers Ledger – where “Great Notes Make Great Beer”.

Many moons ago, we talked and wrote about my brewing log. Getting better at anything in life takes practice. Brewing really doesn’t require muscle memory like playing a sport does. Getting better at a skill requires experimentation, review, and future planning. Taking good brewing notes has always been a key part of that for me.

There are many things to record for each brewing session.

It’s not just about recording the grains and hops used.

It’s about recording the strike water temperature for each mash and what the resulting mash temp was.

It’s about recording the alpha acids in hops and how bitter the beer tasted.

It’s about recording which and how much kettle fining went into the boil and how clear was the beer.

In brewing, many little parameters have an effect on the finished product. The toughest part about honing the brewing craft is that the change and effect cycle is LONG. It might be 4 weeks from brew day to tasting day before you can assess outcomes. Good notes is the best way to link the past brew day with present day tasting.

The dudes at Brewers Ledger were kind enough to send one of their logs out to us to take a peek at. I found it well organized and sufficiently spacious to capture all sorts of numbers and observations during the brew day. I really liked the medium size of it because it seems like it would sit on most bookshelves and or fit nicely into a backpack or travel bag.

(What? You don’t carry your brewing notes with you everywhere you go?)

We also really liked the ample appendices included. For quick reference, it’s nice for certain information to be right in the same place your taking notes.

Reminded me of the tables inside a Trapper Keeper Folder… anyone? anyone? Bueller?

OK well, if you are looking for slick little gift for a brewer friend, or maybe you have a relative that doesn’t know what to get you. For around $20, these logs would be great.

Check them out at Brewers Ledger.

Aside from the one free ledger we receive no financial support from this review. We are always happy to review products and demos.