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On Saturday morning, we traveled back up to IncrediBREW to bottle our beer.  The place was busy with large groups of dudes bottling case after case of “brew on premise” goodness.

My three cases of cleaned bottles were inspected by the staff to make sure I had done a good job.  I felt some sense of accomplishment when no dirty spots were found.

The bottles (24 at a time) were put upside down into a large sanitizing tub.  Each one rested on a tube that sprayed a sanitizing solution into the bottle for a cycle that lasted around 10 minutes.  After we sanitized all the bottles, we moved on to the next step: filling each bottle with beer.

I am not going to lie, the bottling process is probably the most “unfun” part of the experience.  It’s repetitious and uncomplicated work.  To keep your mind off the tedium, it’s best to bring along friends to take turns filling and capping each bottle and take short breaks to sample other beers that your fellow brewers are bottling near you.

If you are new to brewing and would like the opportunity to brew a large quantity of beer, I would suggest a brew on premise (BOP) shop.  We are lucky to have a few nearby.  The other BOP we have used is Deja Brew in Shrewsbury, MA.

All the dudes attended a party that our friends Lyle and Angela hosted, and we provided the beer.  From what the hosts told us, it was well received.


Cleaning Bottles


Brewing Log Sheet


  1. LB

    It was not only well received, it became the highlight and indeed the theme of the party. Many have commented after the fact on how cool it was to have homebrew there. I will be requesting again!

  2. And I think that is what it’s all about…

    Making things from the heart and soul, and sharing it with others.

  3. Ray

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for writing about us. I do hope you enjoyed your Deja Brews as well!.

    Hope to see you soon! Let me know when you’re in next time and we can share a beer.

    be well,

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