So, I made some hop teas because I was interested in the process and how the finished product would taste when making it at home. Well, I did that and we talked about it on camera. Then, Mike brought down his carboy of Kombucha and we decided to taste it. Here’s our video on Kombucha making at home.

How Did Mike Make It?

So, if you don’t know, Kombucha is a sweetened tea beverage that undergoes a mixed fermentation using a SCOBY.

A SCOBY (a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) comes as a gelatinous ‘puck’ of mixed organisms, primarily composed of yeasts and acetic acid producing bacteria.

The symbiotic blend of organisms makes a beverage that tastes very similar to other probiotic-style fermented beverages like Kefir.

The SCOBY chomps on the sugar in the tea solution and makes a tart, slightly bubbly drink.

Mike made this batch following the instructions of the recipe. He feels that because it was the first batch of Kombucha, the SCOBY hasn’t fully recovered from being packaged.

Drinking it, you can get detect hints of fermentation and acetic acid in the kombucha. Overall, he’s not happy with how this batch came out.

What he plans to do next is to get this SCOBY moved into a new batch of tea and see if it begins to grow and get stronger.

Let us know if you have experimented with Kombucha before.

Brew ON!