The exchanges are still happening and we are getting closer to the number 20. Take a look at this video and post as we taste and review this homebrew swap, which just happens to be the 19th that we have done since starting the program.

High Hat Brewing Review

This beer was the first that we have received that came from someone that not only had their own label but also their own pre-printed comment card for you to send back to them. High Hat Brewing is the moniker of a guy named Will who sent us beer from Columbia, Missouri. It was a pretty impressive look to the exchange.

From the information we got from the card:
Belgian Wit – brewed May 11 and bottled on June 6th, 2017

His description was: a crisp, refreshing wheat beer brewed with lemon peel, honey malt, and Medusa hops with an ABV of 5.1%.

When I took my first whiff, I got a major citrus aroma with maybe a little bit of yeast coming through. I thought the appearance was right on – it had a great white beer color with a big, billowy head. Even with the huge amount of foam, the beer wasn’t over carbonated.

Mike got some bubble gum in the flavor. He evoked the killer combination of orange, strawberry, and banana together as the combination for the bubble gum flavor.

He also got a peach and rose petal fragrance in the nose and flavor and thought that factor was quite elegant.

The beer has a low to medium mouthfeel and was quite an easy drinker.

Overall Impression

We thought was a nice summer beer with some really interesting and enjoyable flavor notes. I felt it lacked the yeast character that should be there for it to be a Belgian Wit. It was little more American wheat in its yeast profile. Mike thought the Medusa hops may have been affecting the flavor in wild and new ways.

Besides the beer, High Hat also makes what he calls “brewkies” and he sent these along with the beer. These are cookies that are made from the spent grains of the brew session and mixed with cookie ingredients, like white chocolate and coconuts. They were a nice surprise and Mike was happy that it didn’t have some kind of hallucinogen in it (he was able to go to work the next day without any issue).

As I said, this exchange was a memorable one. High Hat brought his own label, his own card, and his own cookies. That’s how it’s done, I guess.

Drop us a line if you would like to exchange with us.

Brew On!