Our beer swap game is strong! We have now swapped beer with 17 other homebrewers around the world. How many people have you swapped your beer with, huh? Well, we have it going on and you should see what we’re tasting now. Check out our latest homebrew swap video:

Sam from Washington State sent us a stout. He called it his Rye-ish Stout and it drank very nicely.
By the name, we figured it was a stout brewed with rye malt and we were correct. He also brewed this beer with hop hash which we wanted to learn more about.

Tasting Notes

This beer was pretty black in its appearance.

When we tasted it, it finished very dry and we thought that was quite an achievement since it had three quarters of a pound of 40°L Crystal malt and a half pound 120°L Crystal malt.

A couple of the ingredients he brewed with included Chocolate rye malt and Stout malt, which neither of have used but we want to now.

The beer had a restrained roastiness to it. The overall beer had a toasty punch but not a lot of ashy flavors. The rye malt really made it unique.

He also had some toasted rolled oats in the recipe where he learned about here.

The beer was smooth and rich – there was nuttiness to it – a Brazil nut taste to be exact.

What About That Hop Hash?

When we tried to detect the hop hash, it was well balanced with the rest of the ingredients which is right for the style. I wonder what that hash would taste like in a style that was supposed to be hop forward. Maybe we can get one of those beers sent to us for evaluation as well.

Bringing It All Home

One thing I didn’t mention was the use of the A10 Darkness strain from Imperial Organic Yeast. Does anybody else have experience with this strain or any of the Imperial produced strains? Let us know.

All right – thanks for watching and reading. As always, brew on!