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6 months of lagering is looking good.

Märzen From Uxbridge

Scott, who lives in our home state of Massachusetts, dropped off beer for us to taste. Since Mike brewed a Märzen, we thought we would taste another example.

This beer is based on the recipe found in the Brewing Classic Styles book. If you don’t have that book yet, get it. It’s a good place to start for any beer style recipe.

The grain bill is a combination of Pilsner, Munich, and Vienna malts. These malts bring the flavor backbone needed for the style.

The German hops brings a floral spiciness that balanced out the malt flavors from the grains.

Scott used well water which made for a clean brew. He did not adjust his water chemistry at all and the outcome was a fine example of the Märzen style.

The only note we had on it was the bitterness of the hops could have been increased a bit. When you lager beers for months, the hop profile may mellow. Adding more hops at the beginning of the boil could help protect against this effect.

Thanks for the beer, Scott. Brew on!