We got an interesting beer shipped to us for this homebrew swap (exchange number 34!). It was a kettle sour from Dennis in Rochester, NY. It’s a technique to get that flavor of traditional sour beer by adding acid to the brew kettle. Watch this video to get the details of how it was brewed and what we thought of the flavor.

Kettle Sour Tasting

So the story of this beer is that it was brewed after a snow storm. Being from the Northeast, we know that feeling. Over a foot of snow can slow down your process a little especially when you need to shovel out some space.

This beer had a great fruity flavor and its clarity was remarkable even with all the fruit that was added into it.

The aroma was strong and full of berry jam notes. The color was beautiful – Mike couldn’t stop gashing over it.

Check out the video for the recipe and the instructions to brew it at home. The sours we have made take a long time. Kettle sours can be turned around in weeks!

Brew on!