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Brew Dudes 2012 Recap

As a website goal for 2013, we are going to post more video content regarding our homebrewing adventures. We’re hoping to get into a rhythm of posting videos every Wednesday so you should be seeing something from us at least weekly.

With the timing of the first video, we thought we would put together a Brew Dudes 2012 recap  and talk about what happened in the past year. At the beginning of every year, we make plans about what we want to accomplish with the thought of improving our beer brewing skills.

This video shows us chatting about what we did last year and talk a little bit about what we’re going to focus on in 2013.

You can see my list of 2013 Brew Year’s Resolutions on this page.

Overall it was a pretty successful year in terms of doing what we wanted to do.

Brew On!


2013 Brew Year’s Resolutions


Styrian Bobek Hops


  1. Chris

    Thanks guys for the video. I am looking forward for the water chemistry posts. I am in the early stages of using 100% RO water. I am on a well and found it was giving me funky tasting beer, so RO water for now on.

  2. Cool Chris – yeah, water chemistry is the next frontier for us and it’s one where we want to understand and give tips that will be easy to understand.

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