I was reading Jamil Zainasheff’s Style Profile in the latest issue of BYO magazine.  His article is about the American Blonde Ale and he provides a recipe for his own Blondeinebier.  He lists three different yeasts that you could use to make this beer.   They were all clean fermenting American Ale yeasts, but it got me thinking.  What would the beer taste like if I used two vials of different yeast strains? 

I am not sure if there would be a detectable difference if I used two of the strains that he provides here.  The Wyeast 1056 and the White Labs WLP001 are pretty similar, but would if I threw in some other kind of ale yeast like one for an English style beer?   What if I used a lager and an ale yeast? 

Our category for “Experiments” has been empty for too long.  Next year will be about testing things out and posting the results here.   Let’s make a 10 gallon batch using the same grain bill, but divide the wort into smaller portions and pitch different yeasts. 

Good stuff.