Ever gone to the brew shop with a firm plan in place; then all the ‘other’ stuff in stock distracts you into dreaming of other brews? I know its happened to me plenty of times. Well this time the brewers daydream effect got to John while shopping online for his next Belgian witbier.

John wanted to brew a Witbier with WY3944 but he checked out with WY3942 Belgian Wheat! Rather than simply be bummed we decided to turn this into a second chance to bottle culture yeast! (Lets forget my sour beer Oud Bruin attempt to culture that up.)

So our plan is to pick three or so of our favorite Belgian Witbiers, make a batch of starter wort and then drink some beers and pitch some dregs. Hopefully, we’ll stay clean this time and then we’ll get a decent Belgian Witbier Yeast strain for John’s beer.

The key will be to stay clean and get a good start with that initial culture. Get it to take off and the wort should be safe from being over run by mold or bacteria. We also have seen debate online about which Witbiers are likely to be pasteurized and which are not. Hopefully, we’ll see it first hand in the starter cultures.

Any comments or suggestion for how we should get started?
What’s your favorite Witbier on the market?
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